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Interview with an Expert: Dr. Erik Raj

If you haven’t heard the name Erik Raj, you are definitely missing out.  Erik is a common name in the social media world.  Dr. Raj recently earned the title Dr. and is professor in New Jersey.

Erik loves to teach SLPs how to have fun with therapy and with the use of apps and technology.  You will often find him presenting at state level conventions and the National ASHA Convention (held annually in November in various cities.)  This year Erik will be presenting in Los Angelos at the National ASHA Convention.

Dr. Raj recently started a company that sells fun swag.  Pins by Erik offers a variety of fun, Speech Pathology related pins for your lanyard, name tag or wherever you may wear a pin.

Erik writes a blog that is full of fun and exciting tips and ideas for creating exciting speech therapy sessions.

Erik specializes in fluency disorders or stuttering and often works at Camp Shoutout, a camp for school-age students with fluency disorders.

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Specializing in Speech Language Pathology

I know what you might be thinking.  You go to school for six years, earn your Masters degree and after you graduate, you STILL have to learn!

The field of Speech Language Pathology is quite broad.  We have to know so much about so many areas that most SLPs tend to specialize.  SLPs work in the areas of swallowing, language, motor speech, aphasia, cognition, reading, fluency and voice just to name a few.

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