Best Websites for Speech Language Pathologists

Best Websites for Speech Language Pathologists

Best Websites for Speech Pathologists

Many children grow up with speech and language developmental delays, which can extend into adulthood if untreated, making it difficult to do well in school and in the workplace. Communication is a crucial part of daily living, and speech disorders, from stuttering to apraxia of speech, can significantly hinder a person’s ability to excel. Speech-language pathologists earn their degrees to discover the origins of speech development delays, and how to help others work past them. Jump to a section with the links below.

Many speech-language pathologists and parents of children with apraxia of speech have taken to blogging to share resources, teaching tips, and technology recommendations for making speech development easy and fun. The sites below are the best we could find for anyone with an interest in speech-language pathology.

General Speech & Language

These blogs cover the gamut of speech-language pathology topics, from different types of speech development delays in children, adolescents, and adults, to linguistics and SLP education.

  1. Chapel Hill Snippets

    A chronicle of one woman’s life as a speech pathologist, with recommendations for how to raise a family right, teach, and progress in a speech-related career. The author of this blog specializes in recommending iPad apps that can be useful in speech therapy.

  2. If Only I Had Superpowers

    This blog chronicles the personal stories of a speech pathologist who also cares for a disabled husband and several children.

  3. Pedia Staff Blog

    This is the official blog of a pediatric therapy practice. The therapists write about assorted issues that arise when providing therapy to children, including speech therapy studies and other hard data.

  4. Smart Speech Therapy

    The blog of a professional speech-language pathologist, Smart Speech Therapy features equal parts stories of success and difficulty in providing speech therapy to children, and recommendations for parents and other SLPs for useful activities, games, and tools.

  5. Home Speech Home

    This site is packed with resources for SLPs and parents of children who need speech therapy, as well as adult speech therapy tips. Many downloadable tests and tools make this site a great resource for anyone involved in speech pathology.

  6. Speechlanguage-Resources

    The site brands itself as a repository of “Speech-Language Resources for Education Professionals,” and it fills the role nicely. Speechlanguage-Resources offers free activities, ebooks, and other downloadable content for educators.

  7. Carol’s Speech and Language Disorders Homepage

    Carol has been a speech/language specialist for over forty years, and has compiled her knowledge on this web page as a resource for other SLPs and parents of children with speech disorders.

  8. Olivia SLP

    This site is operated by a Canadian SLP master’s degree student who video blogs about her life and her academic engagement with the subject of speech pathology.

  9. Speech Adventures

    A professional speech pathologists offers links to tools like iPad apps and other activities that are used in speech therapy, as well as general info about what it is like to work as a speech pathologist.

  10. ASHAsphere

    The official blog of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. This blog features stories about innovation in the field of speech pathology, as well as recommendations for apps and links to other online resources.

  11. Jill Kuzma’s SLP Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site

    Jill Kuzma uses her site to promote both analog and digital games and applications for speech therapists, as well as linking to other online resources and spotlighting recent research and development in the field of speech pathology.

  12. Adelante! Bilingual Therapies Blog

    This site is specifically built for bilingual speech therapists who work in communities with more than one primary language being spoken in schools and homes.

  13. Pathologically Speaking

    Blogging duties at Pathologically Speaking are shared by two speech-language pathologists, one with a background in education and the other with medical training. The pair writes about how to approach different speech-language challenges and offers links to other useful resources about similar topics.

  14. Speech Therapy Forum

    This site bills itself as “Your Guide to the most Useful and Effective Speech Therapy Materials,” and it delivers neatly categorized lists of topical articles on a wide range of speech therapy subjects.

  15. School SLP

    This site, written by a school-based speech-language pathologist, offers basic descriptions of speech and language disorders for the uninitiated, as well as links to resources and homemade educational games.

  16. Speech Language Play

    The blog of a Brooklyn based children’s speech therapist, Speech Language Play is host to many giveaways of SLP apps and other goodies. The author also writes about her experiences with students and other SLPs.

  17. The Next Chapter in My Speech World

    The chronicle of a speech-language therapist working towards opening her own private practice, and creating plenty of activities and useful materials to share along the way.

  18. The Speech Dudes

    ”The edgy side of speech pathology; sharp, profane, but never dull.” These bloggers separate themselves from the pack with an uncensored look at the world of professional speech pathology.

  19. Speech & Occupational Therapy

    As the official website of a speech and OT provider in Texas, this site specializes in connecting people who need speech-language therapy with teachers and pathologists in their area.

  20. icommunicate Speech & Communication Therapy

    This site is split into sections with info about speech therapy for kids and adults, online therapy, and recommended resources including books and software for those undergoing speech training.

  21. All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy

    The official website of a professional speech therapy practice, this site offers advice on how to get the best treatment for your particular speech issue.

  22. My Speech Therapy Center

    The official website of Speech Therapy Center Inc, the main purpose of this site is to help people get much needed speech therapy for themselves or their children. Though the practice is based in Miami, the site can be an informational resource for anyone seeking speech-language treatment.

  23. Veils of Stuttering Blog

    Stuttering neurology, therapy, and recovery are the main topics of this blog. The author highlights research and technical explorations of stuttering, and calls for further scientific inquiry into the biophysical causes of speech disorders.

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Technology & Resources

The sites listed below all focus on technology and applications that make speech-language pathology easier, more fun, or just plain better.

  1. Technology in Practice for S-LPs

    This site offers “all things iPad for Speech and Language Pathologists,” including app recommendations and links to other repositories of iPad based speech-language therapy tools.

  2. Activity Tailor

    Activity Tailor is a blog that provides creative ideas and activities for speech therapists to use with their clients. Posts on this blog recommend everything from minor changes in daily practice to full blown lifestyle changes in the service of speech therapy.

  3. Eric Sailers

    Eric Sailers is a speech-language pathologist who also participates in developing iPhone and iPad apps that help children develop speech and language skills.

  4. TherapyApp411

    This site provides exactly what it says it does: the lowdown on mobile apps and technologies that may be useful to speech pathologists. Most posts are reviews of iPad apps or other mobile tools for speech therapy. Many reviews are written by guest bloggers.

  5. The Speech Guy

    An SLP blogger with a mind for technology blogs about gadgets, apps, and the future of speech pathology at The Speech Guy. Posts range from app recommendations to musings on the relationship between augmented reality and speech therapy.

  6. Speech Time Fun

    The bloggers at Speech Time Fun participate heavily in the speech pathology blogging community, and have been recognized by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, as well as having their writing mentioned or featured on numerous other blogs.

  7. Future Speech Language Pathologists

    Future SLPs is dedicated to providing useful information for those considering a career in speech pathology. Current SLPs can certainly benefit from the activity recommendations and general writings on the career field, too.

  8. Hanna B. Gradstudent SLP

    This site is partly the chronicle of a student’s journey through speech language pathology graduate studies, and partly a collection of recommended resources for other SLP students and practicing SLPs.

  9. Apps for Children With Special Needs

    The name says it all for this website. It is a catalog of educational apps for children with speech pathology delays. Both free and paid apps are available, and they are categorized by type of activity, age group, and other handy tags.

  10. Geek SLP

    This site is divided into several sections that promote different types of language learning tools for children and adults. iPad apps are one of the most popular tools among SLPs, and this site has a comprehensive listing of which ones work.

    • Featured Post: Apps
  11. Sublime Speech

    This blog is for both therapists and parents, with sections featuring apps, exercises, and tips for how to use the iPad in speech therapy, which is quickly becoming one of the favored techniques in the SLP community.

  12. Our Clinic Creations

    The bloggers at Our Clinic Creations both build tools for speech-language pathologists and promote those that they find around the web.

  13. Speech Therapy Information and Resources

    This site is just what it sounds like, a treasure chest of resources and info about speech therapy and speech-language pathology as an academic and professional pursuit.

  14. Complete Speech

    Complete Speech offers consultancy services to private practices, parents, or anyone in the field of speech language pathology. The company’s blog features general tips and recommendations of both software and hardware that can be useful for SLPs.

  15. Speech Therapy Ideas

    This site’s contents are divided into categories like Games, Themes & Sets, and Worksheets, and each heading contains a bevy of downloadable material or instructions for do-it-yourself speech-language projects.

  16. Heard in Speech

    An elementary school speech-language pathologist sounds off about life in the classroom and showcases her own homemade, creative materials for teaching speech.

  17. The iMums

    Billed as “Reviews by mothers of little gadget lovers,” this site is all about apps. The iMums recommend all types of gear for speech therapists and parents of children with speech apraxia, but apps are their specialty.

  18. Speech Techie

    ”Looking at technology through a language lens” is how this blog presents itself, and the author frequently recommends gadgets, apps, and other technologies that make speech-language therapy easier or more fun.

  19. The Speech Ladies

    The Speech Ladies are a mother-daughter duo of “a seasoned SLP and an almost SLP.” They write about general SLP techniques and recommend lots of analog activities like card games, coloring activities, and other fun tabletop toys for teaching speech.

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Speech Therapy for Children

Many pediatric speech-language pathologists use blogs to share materials and ideas for improving their results. The following blogs focus specifically on speech-language pathology for kids.

  1. All 4 My Child

    This site offers not only apps and recommendations of technologies to use with kids, but sports great reviews from speech-language pathologists.

  2. Communication Therapy Blog

    This site covers behavioral and developmental therapy for children in a broader sense, rather than focusing only on speech-language pathology. The bloggers use video clips, written articles, and iPad app reviews to provide a well-rounded site for parents and professionals who need SLP information.

  3. In Spontaneous Speech

    This blog is aimed at professionals, parents, and even children, and features timely blog posts about speech pathology and training children to develop “spontaneous speech,” as well as links to iPad apps and other popular tools for SLPs.

  4. Little Stories

    This blog is very child-specific, and will be great for parents whose kids are in speech therapy, or anyone who wants to teach their kids something new. Friendly articles and a playful color palate make this blog just as fun as it is useful.

  5. Play on Words

    Play On Words features reviews of books and teaching materials for children with special needs of all types. Their speech pathology related posts are geared towards parents and professionals.

  6. Playing with Words 365

    Playing With Words 365 features activities that can be used by parents and professionals who work with children needing speech and language development assistance. The author is a working speech-language pathologist who creates activities and resources for others in the SLP community.

  7. Say What Y’all?

    Say What Y’all is the blog of a speech-language pathologist and educator who shares ideas, lesson plans, and other musings on SLP.

  8. Talk It Up Therapy

    p>The site’s tagline is “Ideas and Activities to Get Kids Talking,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. From iPad app recommendations to simple paper and pencil games, this site has great content for parents of children who need speech training.

  9. The Dynamic Duo

    This site offers tips on how to teach special education classes and make them more rewarding for the students. The site’s tagline is “Adventures in Speech and Special Education,” and the content is relevant to both teachers and parents of children in special-ed classes.

  10. Speech Room News

    Speech Room News offers free classroom materials for teachers specializing in language and speech pathology for young students.

  11. Speech Lady Liz

    Speech Lady Liz offers take-home sheets, therapy ideas, and resources for parents and professionals in the realm of children’s speech therapy.

  12. Carrie’s Speech Corner

    Carrie’s Speech Corner is “a place to share speech and language therapy ideas and materials.” With iPad app recommendations, classroom games and one-on-one activity suggestions, this can be a great resource for parents and teachers.

  13. Simply Speech

    A Blog for Speech Language Pathologists, by a Speech Language Pathologist. This blog features musings on life as an SLP in schools and various settings, and offers recommendations of reading material and teaching supplies for SLPs working with kids.

  14. Speechie Speaking

    Self-identified as the “Ramblings of a Speech-Language Pathologist with a Love for Learning and Technology,” this site offers recommendations of books and products for SLPs and parents with young children.

  15. Child Talk

    On this blog, a pediatric speech-language therapist writes about the toys and tools she uses to help kids grasp language more easily.

  16. Sunflower Schoolhouse

    Rather than focusing specifically on speech therapy, this site covers a broad range of special education and homeschooling topics, with speech therapy being one component of the subject matter.

  17. Expressions Speech and Language Center

    This is the official website of a speech-language pathology practice with a pediatric specialty. The pathologists blog about the services they provide, and offer explanations of speech disorders and treatment options, as well as general SLP topics.

  18. Let’s Talk Speech-Language

    The blog of a school-based speech-language pathologist who finds and shares unique or interesting methods of teaching language and speech patterns to kids.

  19. Heather’s Speech Therapy

    Dispatches from a licensed SLP who works with, and writes about, speech therapy for young children all the way through adolescents.

  20. Chit Chat and Small Talk

    Creative, modern, and do-it-yourself projects for teaching kids word association and other speech-language mainstays are the primary subjects on Chit Chat and Small Talk.

  21. The School Speech Therapist

    This is the blog of Teresa Sadowski, MA/SLP-ccc. She offers advice to parents and teachers of kids needing speech-language therapy, and promotes other useful resources throughout the web.

  22. Literacy Speaks!

    The official website of a new SLP system, Literacy Speaks! has different sections for parents, kids, SLPs & Educators, and other folks who are interested in trying a new strategy to meet their speech-training needs.

  23. Elena Marie SLP

    A speech-language pathologist working with pre-kindergarten kids shares stories from her career and info for other educators in the speech-language field.

  24. Therapy Fun Zone

    This site offers ideas, activities, and advice for kids needing a wide range of therapies, from sensory integration to occupational therapy and speech-language training.

  25. Testy Yet Trying

    This blog is written by a mother who is a speech pathologist with a daughter who has been diagnosed with childhood speech apraxia. The author combines her experiences as a professional speech pathologist with stories about living with speech apraxia in her own child.

  26. Enabled Kids

    Enabled kids offers connections to professionals and online resources for nearly any kind of therapy a child could need, from food and nutrition advice to techniques for improving a child’s sleep cycle, and of course links to speech-language resources.

  27. Mommy Speech Therapy

    A mother writes about early speech and language development and links to free resources for teaching children language.

  28. Apraxia-KIDS

    This is the main website of The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. It is a comprehensive resource for information about childhood apraxia and related disorders.

  29. Amy Speech and Language Therapy Inc.

    This is the official website of Amy Reinstein, an SLP offering pediatric and adult services in the metropolitan New York City area.

  30. Listen to my Words With Your Heart

    This blogger is a mother of a child with apraxia of speech, and she writes about the joys and struggles of parenting a child who needs speech therapy. A self-professed advocate for children’s rights, her writing is always warm and loving and clearly aimed at helping people when possible.

  31. A Special Kind of Class

    Written by a teacher at a hospital school with 20 years of experience, this blog is all about helping kids with severe physical or speech-related disabilities.

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Teaching Tips

Teachers in special-education classrooms often design their own materials or activities to maximize the learning of their students, and fortunately for us, lots of those teachers have decided to blog about it!

  1. Let’s Talk Speech-Language Pathology

    Let’s Talk Speech-Language Pathology offers teaching materials and frequent guest posts from professional SLPs and other bloggers on the topic of speech therapy.

  2. Live Speak Love LLC.

    This is the professional site of Lisa M. Geary MS CCC-SLP. She provides pediatric speech-language therapy services, and maintains a blog on the subject as well.

  3. Practically Speeching

    This blog is written by an aspiring speech-language pathologist who is still working through graduate school.

  4. Crazy Speech World

    A school based, ASHA certified speech-language pathologist shares her thoughts on SLP, as well as materials she uses and downloadable content for other SLPs to take advantage of.

  5. Consonantly Speaking

    Written by a blogger who has volunteered at a camp for disabled children for years, this blog shares recommendations of apps and other online resources for parents of kids with speech disabilities.

  6. Speaking of Speech

    An interactive forum for speech-language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills in their schools.

  7. The LingEducator Blog

    This site offers linguistic resources for educators in any language related subject. While it focuses heavily on linguistics, the education factor is the driving force behind this blog’s high-quality content.

  8. Public School SLPs

    This blog is by and about speech-language pathologists working in the public school system. Three women are the main writers, and they often feature lesson plans or links to handy apps or materials from other educators.

  9. Speech Chic

    This very casual blogger gives readers the skinny on life as a school speech-language pathologist, and recommends resources for SLPs.

  10. The Budget SLP

    Billed as a source of inexpensive activities for speech-language pathologists and other special educators, this blog aggregates links to supplies and recommends books, activities, apps, and more for speech educators of all stripes.

  11. The Speech House

    This blog is all about special education, and has postings about all types of learning delays, including speech apraxia and other speech-related disabilities.

  12. Adventures in Speech Pathology

    A traveling speech-language pathologist blogs about the resources she uses in her work, and the struggles of getting used to new classrooms and students. She recommends products and activities, and blogs about her journey in general.

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Speech and language are inextricably tied together, and the fundamentals of linguistics, as covered by the blogs below, are crucial information for anyone in the speech-language pathology field.

  1. Language Hat

    As of this writing, the author of Language Hat is charging through Russian novels and blogging about the linguistic intricacies they contain. This site is great for readers with linguistic curiosity.

  2. Teaching Village

    Many of the posts on this site are about learning and teaching English, but anyone working on a new language or teaching any language will find a useful classroom tip or study idea at Teaching Village.

  3. Every Day Language Learner

    The author of Every Day Language Learner uses activity plans, blogrolls and online resources to encourage readers to make language learning a part of their regular routine.

  4. The Lousy Linguist

    ”Notes on Linguistics and Cognition” is how this site is presented, and it fills the bill nicely. A good blend of short posts recommending resources and longer form writing exploring linguistic topics makes this an easy site to get lost in.

  5. The Polyglot Dream

    This site, written by an Italian lover of languages, combines thoughts on language studies with guest-written stories about people struggling to learn languages and finding new ways to make multiple languages part of their lives.

  6. Linguist Blog

    This cerebral blog is written by a Serbian student who studies comparative linguistics, translation theory, and computational linguistics. The articles range from musings on blogging about language to recommendations of resources for other language lovers.

  7. Language Log

    This site covers news and events about education, communication, and the media, as well as language usage and articles on the evolution of language written by professors of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

  8. Vocabulogic

    This blog by a language educator offers technical explanations of how language works, including the terminology that linguists use to describe complex speech and language topics. This site is great for someone seeking a more cerebral take on speech and language blogging.

  9. Literacy Beat

    This site’s content is a blend of general linguistic info and educational materials for children or anyone who is looking to learn, teach, or share ideas about literacy and language.

  10. TWRCtank

    The TWRC in the site’s name stands for Think, Wonder, Reflect, and Connect, and that is exactly what the writer encourages readers to do. With articles about literacy events, teaching tools, and the importance of reading, this blogger makes the case for a more literate populace.

  11. The Mezzofanti Guild

    Written by an applied linguistics graduate, this blog has articles about learning new languages and being part of a mutually supportive group of polyglots, as personified by Giuseppe Gasparo Mezzofanti, a prominent self-taught multilinguist.

  12. Language Geek

    A blog by a lover of language, this writer mostly writes about learning foreign languages, and recommends study techniques for becoming a polyglot.

  13. Beyond Words

    This site covers a wide range of language learning and development topic. While not directed specifically at speech pathologists, the info on language training and development in children definitely has applications in speech language pathology.

  14. Being Multilingual

    All subjects multi-lingual are this blogger’s specialty. From multilingual lifestyles to tips for learning multiple languages, this site features great content for people interested in linguistics.

  15. Arnold Zwicky’s Blog

    Arnold Zwicky, a consulting professor of linguistics at Stanford University, covers language in the media, language in entertainment, and linguistics in general in this personal blog with an academic spin.

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