In today’s world, we are learning most of our information through the internet.  Google, Wikipedia and Facebook have become a source for much of our information.  We use blogs and social media outlets to share information, new courses and journal articles.

So many people are turning to podcasts for information.  It’s a convenient, easy-listening way to share information.  With bluetooth and devices such as the Amazon Echo listening while at home is easy as ever.  If you have long commutes to work or if you’re like me and spend most of the day in your car, you can easily listen to an episode or 2 while driving.

The world of Speech Language Pathology is joining in on the podcast fun with several fun, educational podcasts available.

Swallow Your Pride is a podcast by Theresa Richard.  “The Swallow Your Pride Podcast was created with the purpose of diving deeper into the issues that speech-language pathologists face when working with patients with swallowing disorders. We’ll discuss many controversial topics in order to provide the LATEST evidence-based treatment strategies, and create a community of dysphagia clinicians who want to consume incredibly valuable insight and information. Our goal is to allow you to #swallowyourpride, and be open and willing to try the latest in evidence based treatment approaches by learning from experts and researchers in our field in order to create the best outcomes for our patients who need it most!”

Swallow Your Pride features information related to dysphagia such as topics on aspiration, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and treatment strategy ideas.

Conversations in Speech Pathology offers a variety of knowledge and interviews in Speech Language Pathology.  With episodes about apraxia, becoming a traveling SLP, bilingual SLP and even “The Road to Graduate School”, Conversations in Speech Pathology will give you a wide range of information.  Listen to guests Yvette McCoy, Jonathan Waller, Erik Raj and Temple Grandin to further your knowledge!

Not yet an SLP and worried about your Praxis exam?  There’s a podcast for that!  SLP Speech Language Pathology Praxis Exam is an older podcast that may be useful in helping to study for your Praxis exam.  Topics include Vowel sounds, Piaget, and Secondary Behaviors in Stuttered Speech to name a few.

Already an SLP looking to start a private practice?  Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast may be for you.   This podcast by Kyle Meades touches on topics such as Responsibility, Payment Audits, Revenue and Expenses and How to Transition into Private Practice.

SLP Trivia Fun is a new podcast by Erik X Raj.  If you know Dr. Raj, you know that he is a fun-loving guy and loves to teach and learn in a fun and exciting way.  This is a great way to learn new information about the field of Speech Language Pathology with fun trivia information.   You never know, you may learn some information for your next exam!

Speech Science podcast delivers a plethora of information related to Speech Language Pathology.   Speech Science brings us information on topics such as Fidget Spinners in the Classroom, the push for more men in the field of Speech Language Pathology, speech and language myths, Voice Therapy in Transgender Clients and AAC.

Talking with Tech is a new podcast discussing the use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).  This podcast helps to break down the technicalities of AAC to make it less-daunting.   Episodes include information on AAC industry history, interactive team, and brain-computer interfaces.

Down the Hatch is another podcast dedicated to the world of dysphagia and sharing evidence-based information regarding a variety of swallowing-related topics.  “Down the Hatch is an unscripted podcast focused on hot topics relevant to swallowing clinicians throughout the world. With lively banter, speech pathologists Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Alicia Vose, M.A., CCC-SLP (Ph.D. student) take on controversial topics in the field of dysphagia management, while inter-weaving various levels of evidence: anecdotes, clinical experience and the scientific literature. Listeners can expect to broaden their view of what is thought to be fact versus fiction in the field of swallowing and swallowing disorders.”

Do you have any favorite podcasts that help you get through your workday?   Did any of your favorites make this blog?  Happy listening!