Whether you are a seasoned SLP or an SLP-to-be, there are numerous resources at your fingertips on the internet.

With the explosion of social media, there are ample opportunities to find employment, ask for completion of surveys for classroom assignments, ask seasoned professionals and make friends with colleagues all over the world.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat can be so much more than just an outlet to post pictures of your dinner or the events of your day.

Twitter has a community that has been active for many years known as the SLPeeps.  The SLPeeps is a group of SLPs that connect on Twitter and often meet at the annual American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) convention which is held every November.

Many SLP students will use the hashtag #slp2be to connect.  SLPs use Twitter to ask questions of each other, share information, post links to interesting articles, advertise courses or apps and to share information from conferences and conventions using special hashtags.  For instance, every year at the ASHA convention, SLPs tweeting from the convention will use the hashtag #ASHA followed by the year of the convention, so last year it was #ASHA16.

Keep your eye out for chats on Twitter, which is a time a group of SLPs/students arrange to “meet” on Twitter to discuss a variety of topics including AAC, language, articulation, etc using an agreed upon hashtag.  These can be very interesting and lively chats.

Instagram has been a great place to share information.  With Instagram Live, people can now post live videos.  SLPs will use various hashtags on Instagram, as they do on Twitter including #medslp, #ashigers, #homehealthslp, #slp2be and #slpeeps.

With both Instagram and Twitter you can search by a hashtag to find posts using the hashtag in which you are interested or you can find people or companies on both social media outlets.  Many bloggers or SLPs that sell products on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) will post across social media as well as continuing education companies (such as Northern Speech Services, SpeecPathology.com, CIAO Seminars, Medbridge) and app companies (SmartyEars, SuperDuper, Tactus Therapy, Lingraphica, Erik Raj).

Facebook offers a wealth of information for SLPs.  There are many pages that you can like from SLP bloggers, TpT sellers, companies involved with speech, etc.  Many of these companies will advertise their product, offer freebies and give-aways and provide information that may be otherwise difficult to find.  There are also numerous Facebook groups to join where people join according to their interests or specialties to share information, share interesting case studies or ask questions.  It is important however to remember to abide by HIPAA laws as you post on any social media outlet.

Some of the groups that are offered:

Speech Pathologists at Large This is a group that is for SLPs, SLPA (Assistants) and SLP students.  This group is for any and all topics related to the field of Speech Language Pathology.

Dysphagia Therapy Group This is a group for SLPs, SLP students and anyone, including patients and family members wanting to learn more about dysphagia.

Dysphagia Therapy Group Professional Edition This group is similar to the Dysphagia Therapy Group however this group is dedicated to professionals treating dysphagia and students.

SLPEEPS This is a group similar to the Twitter community including SLPs and students within a variety of specialities in the Speech Language Pathology realm.

AAC for the SLP Is a group dedicated to discussing issues with AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) including both low-tech and high-tech methods.

The Informed SLP: Speech & Language Research for Clinicians Is a website and group which looks into the new research being published.

There are many other groups available on Facebook, which could run on for pages!  It’s always helpful to utilize the search engine on Facebook to find groups based on your interests.  If nothing else, it’s always nice to make new friends with similar interests.  You never know when social media may come in handy!