Speech-language therapy can be a wonderful thing for children to communicate more effectively. Growing and maturing is difficult enough as it is, but when you add a speech impediment to the mix, children often feel less confident and can even get picked on by their peers.

There are a number of resources that can aid in helping individuals with speech impediments live better lives. With this, there are many wonderful blogs parents can turn to when searching for interesting and fun techniques to encourage their children to keep practicing with their language skills at home. Here are some of our favorites:


  • Play on Words – This unique, ‘must-read’ blog focuses on toys, games, and books that facilitate language development. Sherry Artemenko writes excellent book and product reviews, and also offers up specific ways parents can sneak speech language therapy practice into family fun time at home.
  • The Speech Ladies – This mother and daughter team has an excellent school-based blog full of colorful posts, creative ideas, and free downloads.
  • The Speech Guy – Quite active in the #SLPeeps hashtag community on Twitter and Facebook, Jeremy Legaspi, SLP, writes primarily about technology. His articles on worthwhile apps, interactive websites, and technology are definitely worth reading.
  • Child Talk – Becca Jarzynski, who specializes in autism, writes a wonderful speech and language therapy blog for parents/caregivers that should not be missed. Her articles offer concrete ideas for parents to help their child communicate during “everyday life.”
  • Speech Snacks – Written by speech-language pathologist, blogger, foodie, and mother, Rose Anne Kesting, this site is designed to provide parents and educators with a guide to preparing simple and healthy foods with the participation of their children while promoting good speech and language development.
  • Speech Buddies – Speech Buddies are a set of tools (for R, S, L, CH, and SH sounds) to help kids overcome speech difficulties twice as fast.
  • Speech Room News – Speech Room News is a resource for Speech Language Pathologists, and other educators to find treatment ideas, therapy approaches, apps and more!
  • Speech Techie – Sean Sweeney is no stranger to technically savvy (and wanna-be technically savvy) SLPs. He is a regular presenter at both ASHA and Boston University on using technology for Speech and Language therapy.